Sunday July 15 5:26 am

Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan

Spotlight on Reviews

"No Wake" - the First Hit of the 2016 Season


***** Highly Recommended ***** Route 66 Theatre Company’s “No Wake” is the first hit of 2016! “No Wake” is so well written, it drew me in, made me laugh, and moved me to tears. If you made a resolution to see more good plays in 2016, start the year with “No Wake”. I give it 4 Spotlights.

Excellent Work at the 29th Young Playwrights Festival


**** Recommended **** When I went to Pegasus Theatre Chicago’s 29th Young Playwrights Festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After I saw the three winning plays written by high school students, I was totally in awe! I give the Young Playwrights 4 Spotlights.

"Gotta Dance" is a Feeel Good Musical with a Twist


**** Highly Recommended **** Broadway-bound “Gotta Dance” is a brand new, feel-good musical with a twist – the stars are all at least 60 years old … and they can dance! “Gotta Dance” is funny and predictable, but it’s based on a true story – and really, who could/would make up a story like that? The audience fell in love with all of the seniors, judging by the nightly standing ovations. I fell in love, too, so “Gotta Dance” gets 4 BIG Spotlights.