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Spotlight on Equity Theater Reviews

“Going To A Place Where You Already Are” by Alan Bresloff


★★★★★ Most of you know that I adore the work at Redtwist Theatre, that little “black box” on Bryn Mawr, where they continue to bring strong drama in an intimate setting. It is difficult not to, based on the work they continue to bring to their stage. Currently, they are presenting the Chicago premiere of a play that was a huge success at South Coast Rep, “Going To A Place Where You Already Are”, written by Bekah Brunstetter.

"The King and I" by Alan Bresloff


Highly Recommended **** I guess I should preface my review by saying that I LOVE “The King and I”! It has been one of my very favorites since I was involved with the Music Theatre of Highland Park’s summer production in 1960 featuring Patrice Munsel as Anna and Victor Jory as the King.

"Pass Over" is All about Stark Reality


**** Recommended **** “Pass Over”, Steppenwolf’s new play in the Upstairs Theatre, is an uncomfortable modern riff on “Waiting for Godot”. While “Godot” is meant to be absurd and meaningless, “Pass Over” is neither. In fact, the street corner war zone is stark reality for many young black men. “Pass Over” isn’t a ‘likeable’ play, but it will leave you thinking. 3 ½ Spotlights.

"Native Gardens" is Totally Politically Incorrect but Very Funny!


**** Recommended **** “Native Gardens” is a funny, biting one-act play about neighbors. If political correctness is your litmus test for a play, I’m pretty sure “Native Gardens” will fail. In fact, Karen Zacarías gleefully embraces all those handy “isms”, converting them into comedic zingers. If you’re going to be offended, stay home! “Native Gardens” had me laughing within minutes! 3 Spotlights

"Her Majesty's Will" is a Campy, Irreverent Romp


**** Recommended **** “Her Majesty’s Will” is a campy, irreverent romp which hazards a guess as to what Shakespeare did with his ‘lost years’. David Blixt says that he wrote “Her Majesty’s Will (Will & Kit Adventures Book 1)” in part as an homage to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in those “Road” movies. In his adaptation of “Her Majesty’s Will” for the Lifeline stage, Robert Kauzlaric wisely incorporates that silly, tongue-in-cheek, just-buddies charm. 3 ½ Spotlights

Fast-Paced , Nitty-Gritty "King Liz" will have You Laughing and Gasping!


**** Recommended **** “King Liz” is a fast-paced, nitty-gritty glimpse into the fiercely competitive world of sports agents. Whether you love professional sports or absolutely loathe them, “King Liz” will draw you in. Sit back – in the most comfortable seats you’ll find at any theater in Chicago – and enjoy. “King Liz” will make you laugh, gasp, and maybe even tear up. 3 ½ Spotlights

A Comedy with a Twist - "The Sleeper" at Beatniks


“The Sleeper”, Catherine Butterfield’s quirky little 2004 comedy, is a reflection of the distrust and paranoia which infected Americans after 9-11, but it’s also a suspense comedy with a diabolical twist! This one is a must-see!

Writers Theatre's "Parade" features Glorious Music


**** Highly Recommended **** If you’ve never seen “Parade”, be aware that this is not your standard ‘upbeat’ musical. “Parade” has a gripping story written by Alfred Uhry, with rich, glorious music by Jason Robert Brown. Kudos to Writers Theatre, Director Gary Griffin and the incredibly talented for bringing this historically important but rarely staged musical to Chicago audiences. 4 Spotlights