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Spotlight on Reviews

The Court Theatre's Production of "All My Sons" Blew Me Away!


**** Highly Recommended **** The Court Theatre’s intense production of Arthur Miller’s tragic family drama, “All My Sons”, just blew me away! Going in, I was expecting a good performance but I thought the play was rather dated and not particularly relevant. I’m happy to say I was wrong. In fact, I thought the subject matter was very relevant to today’s news. Don’t miss tour de force performances by John Judd and Kate Collins. 4 BIG Spotlights

Meet "Rose", the Grande Dame of the Kennedy Family at the Greenhouse


**** Highly Recommended **** I never really understood what a grande dame was until I saw “Rose”, Linda Reiter’s one woman show about the Kennedy family matriarch. A grande dame is an elderly woman of great prestige or ability, a woman with opinions, maybe a socially prominent. Reiter’s Rose Kennedy epitomizes these qualities as she talks about her life. Since I didn’t get to see “Rose” the first time around, I was delighted that the Greenhouse brought it back. 4 Spotlights

“She the People: Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves” scores a 10 on My Hilarity Scale!


**** Highly Recommended **** The Second City continues to do what they do best, make people laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more, with a new all-female revue, “She the People: Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves”, which supports a longtime theory of mine – comediennes are just as funny as their male counterparts. From the first snicker to the last guffaw, this revue scores a 10 on my hilarity scale. “She the People” runs through April Fool’s Day! Get tickets soon, you’ll love it! 4 BIG Spotlights

Dark and Scary Neighborhood Fascism in "Antelope Party"


*** Recommended *** Make no mistake, Theater Wit's “Antelope Party” is not for the faint of heart. Don’t be fooled by the cute little pony in the advertising. Although it is billed as a dark comedy, I saw a lot more ‘dark’ than I did comedy. The ‘party’ is political, not social, and it’s a very scary, neighborhood version of fascism. The cast does an excellent job with a difficult subject. 3 Spotlights

“Duke Ellington’s Greatest Hits” by Jeffrey Leibham


Jeffrey Leibham's 10/13/17 review was incorrectly posted in Theater Spotlight ... my apologies.
Highly Recommended ***** “Duke Ellington’s Greatest Hits” is, quite simply, what the title says that it is. Nearly 30 of the songs which Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington either wrote or co-wrote the music, lyrics or made popular as a bandleader in more than 20,000 performances during the course of his entire career are presented in an absolutely enjoyable and sophisticated evening of entertainment.

"Harbur Gate" - Review by Alan Bresloff


★★★★★War is hell! Anyone who has been involved with the current war, or for that mater, Viet Nam ( although we never accepted that one as a war) knows that lives change when one has been in battle. In Kathleen Cahill’s play, “Harbur Gate”, now on that stage of the very intimate 16th Street Theater, we get a glimpse into how one incident can alter the lives of many soldiers. Harbur Gate is the name of the U.S. Base on the Turkish/Iraqi border. The actual name is Khabur Gate, but our G.I.’s decided to Americanize it.

Timeline's "Boy" - Review by Alan Bresloff


★★★★★ What would you do if an accident took away a part of one of your children that could change their life? Anna Ziegler’s “Boy”, now onstage at Timeline Theatre is inspired by a story such as this. In the 1960’s, an accident during what appeared to be a routine medical procedure causes one of their children ( a twin boy) to lose his male organs. A well-known doctor, with a reputation on gender identity us asked for his expertise. His concept is that the “boy” be raised as a girl and over time with meds and future surgeries, all would work out. This is a moving story that may be hard to take for some people, but does take us into a modern-day situation as well. Gender Identity is something we hear about on a regular basis. Are we formed at birth? Can we alter who we are by meds? Is it possible that even with hormones and surgery, that the deeper, inner feelings and desires will still come out, no matter what?

"Cal in Camo" - Review by Alan Bresloff


Recommended *** Family! There are so many plays that deal with family life, positive and negative. Dysfunction in families is a major theme for both movies and plays, and probably the majority of television series that we watch as well. For those of you familiar with Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, dedicated to bring the talents of women to the forefront, as well as to select plays that explore the unique female experiences, you will find the current production, “Cal In Camo” written by William Francis Hoffman, to be an in depth character study of a very dysfunctional family, indeed!