Wednesday May 23 1:29 pm

Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan

Spotlight on Reviews

"The Sign in Sydney Brustein's Window" is the Goodman's Tribute to Lorraine Hansberry


*** Somewhat recommended *** The Goodman Theatre’s new production, “The Sign in Sydney Burstein’s Window”, is a gem of a play, but it’s woefully out of date. I don’t think anyone has had a deep philosophical discussion about the meaning of life while drinking themselves blind, since the sixties. Even then, they were rare. I wasn’t completely bored, so I give “The Sign in Sydney Burstein’s Window” 2½ Spotlights.

Theatre at the Center's "Nice Work If You Can Get It" is Downright Fun!


**** Highly Recommended **** Hurry and get your tickets, Theatre at the Center’s “Nice Work If You Can Get It” is downright fun! It’s got a terrific cast wearing gorgeous costumes, fabulous music and amazing choreography. I think it’s a sign of a good time when everyone leaves the theater smiling – and they did! “Nice Work If You Can Get It” gets 4 BIG Spotlights.

Lyric Opera"s Production of "The King and I" is Stunning!


**** Recommended **** Lyric Opera’s production of “The King and I” is absolutely stunning! I had very high expectations for this production, which, I’m happy to say, it exceeded. The only negative I would note – at certain times I couldn’t understand some of the words. I don’t know if that was a microphone problem or a diction problem, but it was a shame! Otherwise, everything about this production is gorgeous! I give “The King and I” 4 BIG Spotlights!

Fosse's Choreography makes "Chicago" Special!


**** Highly Recommended **** “Chicago” is one of my absolute favorite musicals. I think I’d go almost anywhere to see it, so I was delighted that the tour came back to Chicago. I’m happy to say it did not disappoint – the music was great, the voices are rich, the dancing is ‘Fosse’, and John O’Hurley is very sexy. I give “Chicago” 4 BIG Spotlights.

"Little Shop of Horrors" is wowing Audiences in Lincoln Park


**** Highly Recommended **** American Blues Theater’s charming production of “Little Shop of Horrors” is wowing audiences in Lincoln Park. Since, I do sometimes wonder if audience reactions are more enthusiastic on press night, I was kind of glad to attend on an alternate date. I’m happy to say that audience enthusiasm was real, and every seat was filled. “Little Shop of Horrors” is one of my favorites, so I give it 4 Spotlights.

“Death of a Streetcar named Virginia Woolf: A Parody” will have You Laughing!


**** Highly Recommended **** Last Wednesday, I was having a really bad day. When I picked up my friend Crista to make the drive to Writers Theatre in Glencoe, she said she’d had an awful couple of days. We agreed we both needed some laughs. Their new play, “Death of a Streetcar named Virginia Woolf: A Parody” delivered those laughs! In fact, everyone was laughing so hard we might have missed some of the lines. I loved “Death of a Streetcar named Virginia Woolf: A Parody” which I’m giving 4 BIG Spotlights.

ARLA Productions' "A Splintered Soul" takes some Interesting Twists


*** Recommended *** I thought “A Splintered Soul” would be just another Holocaust story but it went in an unexpected direction, becoming a rather unique Holocaust story in the process. Although the story could use a little judicious pruning, running over two hours, it was superbly well-acted. Unfortunately, there were almost as many people in the cast as there were in the audience on the night I attended. The cast deserves better! I give “A Splintered Soul” 3 ½ Spotlights.

Shattered Globe's "In the Heat of the Night" has an Iconic Line!


**** Highly Recommended **** Today, we’ll have a pop quiz. I know you’ve heard the iconic line, “They call me Mr. Tibbs.” Who said that? The answer: Sydney Poitier as Virgil Tibbs in a 1967 movie, “In the Heat of the Night”, a noir thriller based on a 1965 novel by John Ball. Why the quiz? Because I couldn’t come up with a better way to let you know that Virgil Tibbs is back! In fact, you can feel all the nuances of that iconic line in Shattered Globe Theatre’s gripping 4 Spotlight production of “In the Heat of the Night”.