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Indiana Quick Quiz

     Match the county seat to the county.quiz

1. Princeton   2.  Evansville    3. Brazil     4.  Spencer

A.  Clay   B.  Gibson   C.  Owen    D.  Vanderburgh

Answers Below 



1892     First Lady Caroline Harrison, wife of President Benjamin Harrison, died of tuberculosis at the White House.  A gracious hostess, she also oversaw extensive renovations at the Executive Mansion, including  new floors, new plumbing, and the installation of electricity.  She had also served as the first President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Funeral services were held in Washington and Indianapolis before burial at Crown Hill Cemetery.  


"Since this society has been organized, and so much thought and reading directed to the early struggle of this country, it has been made plain that much of its success was due to the character of the women of that era."  - - - Caroline Harrison  (1832 - 1892)



1928     The Madonna of the Trail monument was dedicated in Wayne County.  The statue honors pioneer mothers of the covered wagon days.  It is one of 12 identical statues placed in each state along the old National Trail Road, which extends from Maryland to California.  The monument pays tribute to the courage, faith, and strength of women who helped build the nation.


Joe Lewis

1939     Joe Louis, the boxing heavyweight champion of the world, went four rounds in an exhibition at the Richmond Coliseum.  A local sports reporter said, "Lewis gave the local fans a fine picture of his ring actions, both from the long-range jabbing to close-in fighting."  The crowd of 1,500 gave him a rousing hand at the end of each round.  


liberty bell

1950     Thousands of bells rang throughout Indiana as the state participated in the United Nations worldwide "Message of Freedom" celebration.  At the Statehouse, Governor Henry Schricker rang the Liberty Bell replica in the rotunda.  Indianapolis Mayor A. G. Feeney held a ceremony at city hall, and church bells rang in cities all around the state.  

Did You Know?    The Liberty Bell that was rung by Governor Schricker in 1950 was nearly brand new and had been in the Statehouse Rotunda for only a month.   It was one of 57 exact replicas commissioned by the United States Treasury to promote the sale of savings bonds. Each bell weighed 2,080 pounds.  One was sent to each state and territory.  The Indiana bell started its tour of the state in Indianapolis in a ceremony led by actor John Payne.  From there it traveled 1,474 miles throughout the Hoosier state, visiting 46 cites.  It was greeted with ceremony wherever it went.  Its stop in Terre Haute was highlighted by a personal appearance by actor Clark Gable.  Returning to the capital city in September of 1950, it was placed in the rotunda of the Statehouse.  It has since been moved to the Indiana World War Memorial. 



1963     The new Indiana state sales tax went into effect.  The 2% tax on most retail purchases was expected to put $300,000 a day into the state's depleted treasury,  The Indiana Supreme Court ordered the tax into effect after considering challenges to the law.  Indiana became the 37th state to implement such a tax.



1976     Jane Pauley became co-host of the NBC Today Show.  She graduated from Warren Central High School in Indianapolis where she was on the speech and debate teams. At Indiana University, she majored in political science.  Before moving to NBC, she was a member of the news departments at WISH in Indianapolis and WMAQ in Chicago.



     About th' next best thing t' brains is good humor.        

   (Kin Hubbard, from Abe Martin's Sayngs and Sketches, 1915)


ANSWERS:  1.  B  Gibson     2.  D  Vanderburgh    3.  A Clay        4.  C  Owen

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