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Robin nest


Robins are busy making nests in Indiana.


Indiana Quick Quiz

  1. October 16 - October 22 The Week in Indiana History | Spotlight on Lake     Which Indiana city is known as the "Egg Basket of the Midwest?"

  2.      The TV series "Parks and Recreation" took place in what fictional Indiana town?

  3.      What was the original name of the town of Wanamaker in Marion County?

  4.      How did Lake Lemon get its name?

Answers Below 


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arc light

March 31, 1880   According to newspaper reports, Wabash, Indiana, became the "first electrically lighted city in the world" when the Brush Electric Company turned on a large arc light installed in the dome of the courthouse. 


March 31,1931  Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne and six others were killed in the crash of a private plane in Kansas. During his 13-year career at Notre Dame, Rockne's teams won over 88 percent of their games. Famous for his magnetic personality and rousing locker room talks, Rockne's name is most closely identified with that of halfback George Gipp and the phrase "Win one for the Gipper."




April 2, 1918  State prohibition laws went into effect, making Indiana the 25th state to go completely dry. In January of the next year, Indiana ratified the 18th Amendment which extended prohibition to the entire nation. 


WHHApril 4,1841  President William Henry Harrison died at the White House after one month in office.  He had served as Governor of the Indiana Territory.


Robert Kennedy

April 4, 1968 Robert F. Kennedy, in Indianapolis on a campaign tour, announced the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a crowd at 17th and Broadway. His impassioned plea for peace on that night is considered one of the best public addresses of the era.

Lanier Mansion


Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken of the Lanier Mansion in Madison, Indiana.


Where in Indiana?

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March 31

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Answers:      1. Mentone     2. Pawnee     3. New Bethel     4. It was named after Thomas Lemon, a former mayor of Bloomington


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