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Indiana Quick Quiz

quizWhich of the following individuals have served as Governor of Indiana?

Otis Bowen, George Craig, James Goodrich, Edward Jackson, Joseph Kernan, Matthew Welsh



1816     Jonathan Jennings was the first governor of Indiana.  His duty was to place the state on a good financial footing, establish a court system, build a basic educational foundation, and create a banking system.  After six years as governor, he went on to serve nine more years in the United States House of Representatives.



1884     Frank Brown Shields was born in Indiana and spent his boyhood in Seymour.  A graduate of Franklin College, he went on to teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.   He moved to General Electric and other companies, finally founding the Barbasol Company in Indianapolis.  The firm became famous for its popular shaving cream and variety of related products.



1900     Four young boys found an alligator in the canal near downtown Indianapolis, not far from the Statehouse.  The local newspaper reported that the creature had lived along the area for about two years and had been owned by a nearby adult before its escape.  The boys defeated the dangerous creature which had been a threat in the nearby swimming area.  (Pictured:  Headline from the Indianapolis News)



1915     Ruth Lilly was born in Indianapolis, where she was the great-grandchild of pharmaceutical founder Eli Lilly. She graduated from Tudor Hall and the Herron School of Art.  During her lifetime she gave away hundreds of millions of dollars in support of the arts, education, health, and environmental causes. She gave special attention to the Riley Hospital for children and the Indiana Repertory Theatre.



1941     President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed General Lewis Hershey to be Director of the Selective Service.  Hershey, from Angola, Indiana, was a four-star general who served in the office under six Presidents (1941-1970).  He was the longest serving director of the Selective Service, spanning WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.



1994     The first Brickyard 400 NASCAR race was run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The winner was 23-year-old Jeff Gordon from Pittsboro, Indiana. 


News 4


     This advertising photo came in an August 1922 edition of the Evansville Courier newspaper.  The car, made by the Gardner Company, had a one-year guarantee with a full price of $895.  It was for sale at the Grimm Motor Company, located at 403 Upper Fifth Street in Evansville.


Answer:  All six listed have served as Indiana Governor.
Otis Bowen 1973-1981
George Craig 1953-1957
James Goodrich 1917-1921
Edward Jackson 1925-1929
Joseph Kernan 2003-2005
Matthew Welsh 1961-1965


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