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Indiana Quick Quiz


  1.     October 16 - October 22 The Week in Indiana History | Spotlight on Lake How were cardinal birds named?

  2.      What do cardinal birds eat?

  3.      How long can a cardinal bird live?

  4.      How many eggs do female cardinals typically lay?

Answers Below 


DID YOU KNOW?   Most cardinal couples stick together for several breeding seasons.


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February 26, 1918 Otis Bowen, 44th Governor of Indiana, US Sec of Health & Human Services (1985-89), born near Rochester.


February 28, 1893 President Benjamin Harrison attended the launching of the Navy's first modern battleship, the USS Indiana. Heavily armed with 42 guns, the ship served in the Spanish-American War.

USS Indiana


Ball jarMarch 1, 1888 The Ball Brothers began glass production in Muncie. The company had relocated to Indiana to take advantage of the abundant natural gas in the area. The firm became famous for their glass canning jars.


cardinalsMarch 2, 1933 The Indiana Legislature adopted the cardinal as the official state bird.


Jefferson Davis

March 2, 1828 Jefferson Columbus Davis, American Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Clark County.


Governor's res.Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken at the Indiana Governor's residence.


Where in Indiana?
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Answers:       1. They were named after Roman Catholic Cardinals.     2. They eat insects, seeds, fruit, and sap.     3. Cardinal birds can live up to 15 years.     4. Cardinal birds lay 3 to 4 whitish-gray eggs with brown speckles.


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