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Indiana State House in Spring



Indiana Quick Quiz

  1.      What Indiana executive office is currently held by Elise Nieshalla?

  2.      October 16 - October 22 The Week in Indiana History | Spotlight on LakeWhat is the minimum number of votes required to pass a bill in the Indiana Senate?

  3.      How long is Sugar Creek?

  4.      How was Winamac named?

Answers Below 


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DresserApril 21, 1859 Paul Dreiser was born in Terre Haute. He became a songwriter and changed his last name to "Dresser" to distinguish himself from his novelist brother, Theodore. Paul Dresser's most famous work is "On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away," the state song of Indiana.


Herb ShrinerApril 23, 1970 Herb Shriner and his wife were killed in an automobile accident in Florida. Shriner was famous for his homespun humor about Indiana. His monologues, accompanied by harmonica, were popular with radio and television audiences.


Indiana Historical Bureau ...April 24, 1847 Samuel Henderson was elected the first mayor of Indianapolis. A member of the Whig Party, he served a two-year term. A citizen at the time wrote that Henderson served with "much dignity and satisfaction to the public."


Drew ElliottApril 27, 1981 Drew Elliott, Creative Director of MAC Cosmetics and Creative Consultant on America’s Next Top Model born in Bloomington, IN.


tableOur Where in Indiana? from last week was taken of the conference table in the Governor's office.


Where in Indiana?

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Answers:     1. State Comptroller     2. 26     3. About 100 miles long, it flows through Clinton, Boone, Montgomery, and Parke counties.     4. It was named for the Potawatomi chief Wi-na-mak.


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