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Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan

Spotlight on Equity Theater Reviews

"The Dining Room" by Alan Bresloff


Recommended *** For those of you familiar with the intimate Glenview “storefront”, Oil Lamp Theater, you know that this space is one of the few that can work with a small production. Limited seating allows for every audience member to have a great view of the stage, which for this play is as deep as I have even seen it. The play is “The Dining Room” written by AR Gurney (This theater company has done all of his works).

"Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth" features Fabulous Animations and Blair Thomas's Lifelike Puppets


*** Recommended *** Someone took the Big, Bad Wolf! That’s right, he’s inexplicably disappeared from fairy tales like “The Three Little Pigs” or “Little Red Riding Hood”. How and why could this happen? In “Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth”, the holiday production at Lookingglass Theatre, the title characters, traveling story-tellers, put themselves in their own stories to try to figure all it out. Unfortunately, “Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth” desperately needs a consistent story. 3 Spotlights

“The Signal” (A Doo-Wop Rhapsody) onstage by Alan Bresloff


Highly Recommended **** Don’t say you weren’t told about the Doo-Wop show that was heading to Munster. I reported it to you last month. Well, tonight was the night, and the almost 100% filled theater, had the time of their lives! Theatre At The Center in Munster was the stage that brought the history of Chi-Town music and its Gary Indiana roots, a truly historical experience to its stage. With this special ONE NIGHT ONLY performance, the back of the building has some great history of the music scene (as I reported in the original story).

Light Opera Works' "Die Fledermaus" is Stunning


**** Recommended **** The Light Opera Works production of “Die Fledermaus” is stunning. I’m not an opera aficionado, but I have friends, and they told me that this is the best production of “Die Fledermaus” they’ve seen. It seemed to me that “Die Fledermaus” is a perfect blend of music, melodrama and farce – and it’s performed in English! Opera is not my thing, and this was a little on the long side, but I still enjoyed it. 3 ½ Spotlights.

"The Weir" will transport You to a Pub Somewhere in Ireland


**** Recommended **** As I remember my favorite things about Ireland, several cozy village pubs come to mind. As we sat drinking a pint or two, our new friends shared stories and songs with us. It was a marvelous and unique experience. While watching Irish Theatre of Chicago’s production of Conor McPherson's wonderful Irish play, “The Weir”, all I needed was a glass in my hand to take me right back to Ireland. I really enjoyed this evening of well-written story-telling. 3 ½ Spotlights.

"Phantom of the Opera" is Spectacular!


**** Recommended **** As you’re getting ready for the holidays, you should leave room in your schedule for a really special treat, “Phantom of the Opera”. Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular production is true to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original (now celebrating its 30th anniversary), yet different enough to thrill both old and new audiences. You’ll fall in love all over again, so hurry and order your tickets, it’s here until January 4th. 4 Spotlights

"The Fabulous 50's Christmas" is a Holiday Must-See!


***** Highly Recommended ***** I can’t quite believe it but the first time I reviewed “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” was in 2004! The show, a tribute to the old Perry Como/Andy Williams TV specials, is always delightful. Amazingly enough, they’ve even found new (at least to me!) old carols. It’s just not Christmas without “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas”, a holiday must-see! 4 BIG Spotlights

"The Hunter and the Bear" by Alan Bresloff


★★★★★ To many, “Musical Theater” means “Broadway-type Musicals” with big dance numbers, full orchestrations, zany characters and music to hum on the way home. In fact, even the more dramatic musicals carry that idea with it. I tell you this, because Writers Theatre in Glencoe has found a company that brings a new flavor to the “Musical Theater”, PigPen Theatre Company. PigPen began their unique brand of theater. music and film when they were college students back in 2007. They were the company that brought “The Old Man and The Moon” to Writers and opened up our eyes to this unique style of story-telling ,one that is intense and mesmerizing!