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Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan


Troopers Use the "Eye in the Sky" for Traffic Enforcement on I-65

ISP Cesna.jpg

On Friday, December 8, 2017, Troopers from the Indiana State Police Lowell Post conducted a traffic blitz on I-65 in Lake County with the assistance of the Indiana State Police Aviation Section. Indiana State Police Sergeant Lee Wright piloted his Cessna 172 Skyhawk high above I-65 and at the same time he would observe speeding vehicles below. Using his VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) and a set of pre-determined painted lines on the roadway, Sgt. Wright would then radio the Troopers below and guide them to the target vehicle to ensure the correct vehicle was stopped and appropriate action taken as to a citation or warning.

Help to Prevent Alcohol Use by Teens


According to survey results provided by, the 30-day prevalence use of alcohol for teens in the United States is 7.3% for 8th graders, 19.9% for 10th graders, and 33.2% for 12th graders. Each of these results have fallen greatly since 1996 (26.2%, 40.4%, and 50.8%, respectively).

About the Munster Police Department’s Special Needs and Disability Awareness Program for Residents


The Munster Police Department began a program last December in an effort to raise awareness for people with disabilities and other special needs.

Medical Incident may be cause of I-94 Crash


Porter County-- On December 6, 2017 at approximately 1:00 p.m., Troopers were dispatched to a single vehicle crash on I-94 east bound at the 32 mile marker. This is approximately 2 miles west of the Michigan City exit.

Preventing Wallet & Purse Thefts


The Munster Police Department offer the following tips on preventing wallet and purse thefts.

Preventing Residential Burglaries


The Munster Police Department offers the following tips on preventing residential burglaries.

Munster Police Begin Special Holiday Season Patrols


he Munster Police Department has begun extra business and neighborhood patrols for the holiday season. During these patrols, officers sign-up to work extra hours that are dedicated solely to providing extra patrol and presence in either the business districts or neighborhoods (depending on the detail they sign-up for), making field contacts with individuals, stopping in local businesses to check on staff and employees, conducting traffic stops, and when necessary, making arrests.

Munster Kiwanis Names Students of the Month


The Kiwanis Club of Munster is proud to announce that Haleigh Gronwold, daughter of Jeff and Andrea Gronwold, and Alexandria Shinken, daughter of George and Nadene Shinken, were the October Students of the Month.