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Women's Wave March: Bus to Washington DC

01/18/2019 - 18:30
01/20/2019 - 18:00

We have much to celebrate and much to protest. In the midterms, the women’s wave helped to elect the most diverse Congress in history, and yet Congress is still mostly straight, white, male and wealthy. Meanwhile, the Violence Against Women Act has expired, comprehensive health care for women is harder to obtain and we now rank at the bottom of all industrialized countries, and Trump is still in the White House. And he shut down our government over a wall we don’t need or want.

So, dust off your marching boots and get ready to march on our capitol again! Or dance. Or both. We’re women; we multitask. Help us celebrate our gains and our many victories, and remind the powers that be that we’re still here and we’re not going away.

This year’s bus will pick up passengers in Merrillville, Portage, and Michigan City on Friday, January 18th, beginning at 6:30pm. Then, it’s a straight shot to Washington!

We’ll have PEANUT FREE complementary snacks and drinks on board, as well as a continental-style breakfast when we arrive in DC, and a sack lunch for you to take on the march.

Since we’ll be dropped off a few blocks away, at the designated drop off location, we won’t need to worry about the Metra trains at all (WHEW!).

The bus has plenty of outlets so you can enjoy a movie or listen to music or a podcast and still have a fully charged battery for the march.

There are fewer restrictions this year so you won’t have to worry about clear backpacks, medications, sign varieties, or any of that (ANOTHER WHEW!).

Everyone will receive a commemorative Women’s March 2019 pin from Pincause, thanks to one donor supporter.

Get your tickets on line at Follow this link.

Donations and sponsorships. Can’t march but want to sponsor another marcher who otherwise can’t afford to go? There’s a donation button on line for that, too! We also will gladly accept any donations of drinks or peanut free snacks, or cash donations designated for their purchase.

If you prefer to pay by check, PayPal, Google wallet, or Facebook transfer and avoid the transaction fees, just email

We currently have a couple of half price tickets still available if you need one. To purchase your half price ticket, email to arrange payment. There’s no easy way to do that on the Eventbrite site, but we can take PayPal, Google wallet, etc, with no transaction fee.


If you can’t go to Washington DC, Women’s March Indiana is marching in Indianapolis on January 19th. They will march from Monument Circle, beginning at 1:00pm Eastern to American Legion Mall (it’s an open grassy area) where they will rally with speakers.

Locally, on Friday, January 18th, Valparaiso’s Chicago Street Theatre opens its production of Keely and Du, a powerful and controversial play about reproductive justice and violence against women. Afterwards, we will join the cast and director at their Opening Night After Party to be held at Misbehavin’ Meads. NWI NOW has bought a block of tickets and is selling them at a discounted rate (ticket price includes a small donation to NWI NOW) Reserve your seat (pay at the door) at the link here.