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This Week in Indiana History - September 16 - September 22

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1859 Abraham and Mary Lincoln arrived in Indianapolis where the future President gave a speech at Masonic Hall. While promoting Republican candidates, he reminisced about his boyhood days in Spencer County. The couple stayed overnight at the American House Hotel and left the next day to return home to Springfield, Illinois. Pictured: The bust of Lincoln at the Indiana Statehouse.

1874 Classes began at the new land grant university named for John Purdue. There were six instructors and nineteen students. Fourteen students made up the first graduating class.

1901 Stuart Gorrell was born in Knox, Indiana. At Indiana University, he became friends with fellow classmate Hoagy Carmichael. Gorrell helped Carmichael write "Stardust" and composed the lyrics for "Georgia on My Mind."

1910 A head-on railway collision near Kingsland, Indiana, killed 41 people. It was one of the worst interurban wrecks in state history.

1926 Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel, was in Indianapolis visiting friends. Speaking of the swim six weeks earlier, she said, "I can feel that cold water even now." She said she loved the red Buick roadster automobile that was one of her prizes.

1951 Indianapolis had one television station on the air, and residents were beginning to purchase receivers for their homes. It was an expensive decision. The William H. Block Department Store advertised the Motorola 17-inch console set for $269.95. That was more than a month's pay for the average worker.

Did You Know?
Among the first television stations in Indiana were WFBM in Indianapolis, WTTV in Bloomington, WSBT in South Bend, WLBC in Muncie, WEHT in Evansville, and WKJG in Fort Wayne.

Answers: 1. Elkhart 2. Wabash River 3. Vincennes

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