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This Week in Indiana History - October 7 - October 13

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1886 Speculators discovered natural gas in a cornfield near Kokomo, leading to a "gas boom" and the establishment of many glass manufacturing companies.

1911 For the first time, schools in every Indiana county conducted fire prevention programs. They were directed by State School Superintendent Charles Greathouse.

1926 The James F. D. Lanier Mansion in Madison was designated a state memorial. Lanier helped finance the state of Indiana during the Civil War.

1940 The United States Selective Service System was activated. All males ages 21 - 35 were included. Indiana Governor M. Clifford Townsend urged all schools in the state to accommodate officials of the "draft" as they began enrolling the young men.

1948 Sherman Minton took his seat on the United States Supreme Court. Nominated by President Harry Truman, Minton was from Floyd County and had served in the United States Senate. Photo: The bust of Sherman Minton on display at the Indiana Statehouse.

1955 Mourners crowded into the Fairmount Friends Church for the funeral of actor James Dean, who had been killed in an automobile accident in California. When he died at age 24, Dean had finished filming Giant, the third movie in which he had a starring role. He had earned high acclaim for his work in East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause.

Did You Know?
Maurice Clifford Townsend, from Blackford County, was elected Governor in 1936. During his term, he established the Indiana Department of Labor, began pension funds for firemen, and instituted examinations for drivers' licenses. He also introduced the safety measure of having all school buses painted yellow. Townsend is one of many governors featured in a special display on the second floor of the Indiana Statehouse.

Answers: 1. Greenfield 2. Wayne County 3. Dale

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