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This Week in Indiana History - March 11 - March 17

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1892 Janet Flanner was born in Indianapolis. She became a journalist and, in 1916, was the first movie critic for the Indianapolis Star. She moved to Europe and for nearly 50 years held the post of Paris correspondent for The New Yorker magazine.

1901 Former President Benjamin Harrison died of pneumonia at his home on Delaware Street in Indianapolis. President William McKinley attended funeral services at the local Presbyterian Church. The 23rd President lay in state at the Indiana Statehouse before burial at Crown Hill Cemetery.

1913 The Indiana Legislature adopted the official state song. The members selected "On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away." Written in 1897 by Paul Dresser of Terre Haute, the tune was one of the most popular of its era.

1933 Banks across Indiana began to reopen after having been closed for a week. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had declared a "bank holiday" that shut down the banking system in response to a month-long run by nervous depositors.

1959 A small plane carrying the Kingston Trio was forced to land in a field near Goshen. Unhurt, the singers called a cab and rushed to the University of Notre Dame in time for their performance. The group had recently won a gold record for "Tom Dooley."

2008 Barack Obama, running for his first term, attended a campaign rally at Plainfield High School. He told the crowd, "This is your campaign. This is your chance to make your mark on history."

Did you know?

Indiana now has an official state insect

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb recently signed a bill which names Say's Firefly as the state insect. Students from Cumberland Elementary School in Lafayette had rallied in favor of what many call the "lightning bug," named for Purdue entomologist Thomas Say. Nearly every state has an official insect. The list includes butterflies, ladybugs, wasps and dragonflies.

1. Sarah Bolton
2. Greenfield, IN
3. Theodore Dreiser (Paul Dresser was originally Paul Dreiser)

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