Friday February 22 9:16 pm

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One Night Only! The Den Theatre Presents PANDA RIOT with STAR TROPICS & REI CLONE Tuesday, February 19th on The Cabaret Stage

02/19/2019 - 20:00
02/19/2019 - 23:00

About the Bands


Inspired by the dreamy underwater imagery of their collaborative short film, Dolphins and Porpoises, Rebecca Scott (vocals, keys) and Brian Cook (drum machine, guitar) formed the equally dreamy indie pop group Panda Riot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 2005. The band's buzzy guitar riffs, gossamer vocals and swaths of synthesized distortion (the duo filtered their keyboards through a death metal pedal) gave a nod to early-'90s acts like Tender Trap, the Softies and My Bloody Valentine.

Coming together in the winter of 2010/11, Chicago’s own Star Tropics began as a bass & guitar duo huddled around a drum machine and has since evolved into a four-piece indie pop band determined to write carefree, primary-colored pop songs. Blending boy/girl vocals on top of jangly Rickenbacker leads, a healthy dose of fuzzy rhythms and the pulse of a driving beat, their songs can be described as equal parts celebratory and introspective.

Hailing from Texas, Rei Clone is noisy punk inspired shoegazing played by Denton’s biggest anime geeks.

About The Den Theatre

Artistic Director Ryan Martin opened The Den in 2010 with a single theatre space. Seven years later, The Den boasts five intimate and unique theaters on two floors ranging from 50 – 200 seats, as well as two additional spaces primarily used for classes and rehearsals. The Den is also equipped with two bars enveloped by a never-ending field of lounge space for audiences and like-minded culture hounds to drink, talk, read, watch, think, listen and live. The Den is home to seven resident theatre companies including First Floor Theater, Haven Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre, The New Colony, Broken Nose Theatre, WildClaw Theatre and Firebrand Theatre. Hundreds of other companies from Chicago and beyond have also called The Den home, utilizing its theaters, studio space and easily convertible cabaret space to accommodate a stream of programming, including plays, musicals, film screenings, classical and jazz performances, dance, improv and stand-up, seminars and speaking engagements. For additional information, visit