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Munster Public Schools Begin this Monday, August 13th

08/13/2018 - 00:00
08/20/2018 - 00:59

For the safety of the students throughout this school year, please remember the following tips:

* Motorists are reminded that school zones have a 20mph speed limit and that officers will be in the area during arrival and dismissal. If you are not dropping off or picking up students, please use an alternate route to avoid delays.
* Parents are asked and encouraged to follow the rules for your child's school in regards to picking up or dropping off students. By doing so, you are helping to improve traffic flow and to promote safety in the parking lots.
* If you have small children, wait with them near their bus stop until they are picked up, or walk with them to school. Encourage children who walk without parents to walk in groups with other students for safety. Be sure to remind them about stranger-danger as well.
* Older students/teens should also try to walk to school in groups for their safety.
* Students should be encouraged to report any possible bullying issues to school officals and/or parents as soon as possible.
* All students and parents are encouraged to report suspicious individuals or vehicles immediately by calling 911. Parents can also report ongoing safety issues in their respective school parking lots to school principals or resource officers. If the issue is in progress, call 911.

The Munster Police Department wishes everyone a safe school year.