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LCSO to Present 29th Annual Children's Education Concerts

10/11/2017 - 09:30
10/11/2017 - 14:00

This year's program will teach audiences how each section of the orchestra works together to create one amazing sound. The encore feature piece, which will also be featured during LCSO's Halloween Concert on October 28th, will be a presentation of the children's story book, The Remarkable Farkle McBride written by actor, John Lithgow. This story of a boy with endearing but notoriously unsatisfied curiosity is narrated to the backdrop of full symphonic accompaniment.

Farkle explores each orchestra section one-by-one until he realizes the only way to be at his best was by making all of the sections work together! Students will learn about the many different instruments in the orchestra, what it means to be a Maestro, and how important each individual's part is to the entire symphony! This program is a message on the power of connection and diversity, wrapped in the guise of humorous education on how an orchestra works.

LCSO welcomes La Porte Community School's music teacher, Mr. David Farris, and Hailmann Elementary School kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Timber Juskevice as lead contributors to the development of the teacher's education guide distributed to all school corporations invited to the event. Teachers incorporate the content based on Indiana Academic Standards into their lesson plans before and after attending the concerts.

The education guide can also be downloaded from the website by anyone interested in supplementing the experience of the event, such as preschools, home school teachers, or individuals planning to attend.

Included in the guide is a sugar skull coloring sheet that children can submit for a chance to win FREE tickets for their family to the October 28th Family Halloween/Dia de los Muertos Concert, Tales from the Darkside. ALL pictures will be used to decorate the walls of the civic on the 28th!