Wednesday September 20 4:07 pm

Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan


09/13/2017 - 17:30
09/13/2017 - 20:00

Attendees will also be offered course registration discounts. New and returning students who register at the Open House will also receive a free Cervantes t-shirt. There is no charge to attend the Open House & Reception, but a reservation is required by downloading a free ticket at

Fall 2017 course highlights include a new 2017 class Bilingual Theatre for Beginners for intermediate and advanced students who are looking for a non-traditional way to enhance their Spanish language skills with a physical approach to acting that includes games and bilingual improvisation; Spanish Culinary Course for those interested in discovering the world of Spanish cuisine, considered one of the most diverse in the world; the popular Spanish for Business class which combines conversational Spanish language instruction with professional etiquette allowing serious professionals to enhance their business communication skills in Spanish; Toddler Immersion: Ages 1 – 4 that is designed for parents to attend with their children to help naturally develop a second language through engaging songs and games to allow children (and their parents/ caregiver) to learn by listening, seeing, touching, imitating, and practicing; Family Bilingual Guitar taught in Spanish and English for children and their parents/caregiver with no previous experience required; and traditional Spanish Language Courses for all ages and levels.

Since 1996, Instituto Cervantes of Chicago has served nearly 40,000 students of all ages with over 25 unique language and cultural studies classes offered quarterly for beginning students to native speakers. No previous foreign language experience is required to enroll. Instituto Cervantes is an international leader in its specialty instruction and professional development courses for Spanish-language teachers, including the highest level of Spanish language certification via the Diplomas of Spanish (DELE) and the Certificate of the International Service for Spanish Language Assessment (SIELE).
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago is not just a language school – it’s a full institution dedicated to fostering Spanish culture around the world. The Chicago location offers a variety of cultural events such as an annual Flamenco Festival, monthly film club, art exhibitions, concerts, and more. Instituto Cervantes of Chicago’s innovative Library is state-of-the-art with one of the largest collections of Spanish and Latin American books, magazines, videos, DVDs, music, and computer programs.

All course, professional certification and diploma offerings are available on the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago website HERE. Fall classes start the week of September 25. To register, call 312-335-1996, go online to or visit Instituto Cervantes of Chicago at 31 W. Ohio St.

About the international Instituto Cervantes organization:
Instituto Cervantes is an institution founded by Spain in 1991 to teach and promote the language and culture of Spain as well as the official languages of Spain and the Hispanic-speaking countries. The Instituto Cervantes is present in almost over 70 cities from 40 countries spread out in the five continents.
The Instituto is the organization of reference around the world for the teaching training of Spanish as a second language, with more than 11,000 enrollments a year. In almost 10,000 Spanish Courses and seminars, that are held in Spain and in the countries where there are Cervantes centres, the teachers update their linguistic knowledge and teaching techniques. Furthermore, the Institute counts with the Centro de Formación de Profesores en Alcalá de Henares (Training Centre for Teachers) in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), birth city of Miguel de Cervantes.

The work of the Instituto Cervantes is guided by representatives of the scholarly, cultural and literary communities of Spain and Hispanic America. In Chicago, the Institute collaborates with museums, galleries, theaters, publishers, and other cultural institutions from Illinois, as well as institutions from Spain and Latin America.

The Instituto also:
Organizes the DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Exams) as well as issuing the official Spanish Language Certificates and Diplomas to our students.
Organizes Spanish courses: general, skills, enrichment, specific purposes, for corporations, etc.
Offers professional development classes for teachers of Spanish.
Supports Spanish Language and Culture researchers.
Promotes cultural activities and events together with other organizations.

More information may be found at