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INDOT to host public hearing regarding proposed intersection improvement August 29th

08/29/2018 - 18:00
08/29/2018 - 19:30

The purpose of the public hearing is to offer all interested persons an opportunity to comment on preliminary design plans for a proposed improvement project at the U.S. 6 and S.R. 13 (west junction) and C.R. 33 intersection, located in Elkhart County, Indiana. The doors will be open at 5:30 p.m. in order to view displays and talk to the representatives prior to the start of the hearing.

The preferred alternative is to reconfigure the intersection into a roundabout including the replacement or modification of storm water structures and existing ditches. The roundabout is proposed to include a 174- foot inscribed circle diameter with a 20- foot wide circulating lane, an 18- foot wide truck apron, combined curb and gutter with 6 - foot to 8 - foot outside shoulders. Three driveways are proposed for reconstruction. In addition, improvements will include modification or replacement of storm water manholes and inlets as well as pavement markings, signage, and guardrail will be placed throughout the project as required. The project is anticipated to require the acquisition of approximately 0.4 acre of new right-of-way and approximately 0.3 of temporary right-of-way.

The maintenance of traffic will be conducted in phases or stages, utilizing a combination of a temporary run-around, flaggers, detours, temporary pavement markings, and lane closures. The maintenance of traffic specific to US 6 will use a temporary run-around parallel to the south side of the existing U.S. 6 and will be removed upon completion of the project. The maintenance of traffic specific to S.R. 13 and C.R. 33 will be determined during final design, however during construction, local roads may be used by local traffic. Access will be maintained to all properties during construction. School corporations, emergency services and key stakeholders will be notified prior to any construction that would block or limit access.

The environmental document and preliminary design plans are available to view prior to the public hearing at the following locations:

Syracuse Public Library, 115 E. Main St., Syracuse, IN 46567 Phone # (574) 457-3022

INDOT Fort Wayne Dist. Office, 5333 Hatfield Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN Phone # (855) 463-6848

With advance notice, INDOT will provide accommodation for persons with disabilities requiring auxiliary services including sign language interpretation, large print materials and/or materials in alternative formats. In addition, persons of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) requiring auxiliary services such as language interpreters and document conversion are encouraged to contact the INDOT Office of Public Involvement at (317) 232-6601, or email

Public statements for the record will be accepted as part of the public hearing procedure. All verbal statements recorded during the public hearing and all written comments submitted prior to, during and for a period of two (2) weeks following the hearing date, will be evaluated, considered and addressed in subsequent environmental documentation. Written comments in regard to the project may be submitted prior to the public hearing and within the comment period to the INDOT Office of Public Involvement, IGCN Room N642, 100 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204.