Friday December 15 9:17 am

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Elle Cassaza, Personal Public and Abandom among 50+ artists for Wicker Park Bucktown’s ChillFest pop music festival

11/25/2017 - 14:00
11/25/2017 - 18:00

Participating artists for ChillFest 2017 include: jazz-pop singer Elle Cassaza, alternative-electric rock group Personal Public; and pop duo Abandom.

Attendees can stroll from venue to venue, taking in the live music sets while shopping, having a drink or experiencing local art. Each business hosts 3-4 artists in a dedicated portion of its space, with musicians playing 20- to 60-minute sets, paired as closely as possible to the venue’s ambiance.

***Please note, artists and venues are subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule of where and when each artist will be playing, visit

Participating Artists:
8:33; Abandom; Acoustic Raccoon; ADNAN ARIF; Amelia Sweet Bluebird; Andrew Palmer; Andrew Parkkila; Barry J. Fontenot; Bluefront; Brett Knickerbocker; Celia Rose; Chris Rawlins; Chris Stevens; Constantine; Drew Neely &; The Heroes; Elijah Berlow; Elle Casazza; Faith Almaraz; Heidi Serwer; Henry Geraghty; Impulsive Hearts; J.C. Ligget; Jay Schraub; Kielbasa & Kimchi; LeSage That Lynxx; Liz and the Lovelies; Matt Griffo; Matt Mason; Mestozi; Michael Garrity of Nora Marks; MidiJoyful; Mike Galbraith; Neil Dixon Smith; Paul Harris; Paul Ramirez of The Bannermen; Personal Public; Probably; Quinn Guillermo; Rob Winn; Sammy Cannillo; Scott Hamilton 61; Scott William; Simeon Peebler; Sir Con; Steve Shelton; Summer Monkeys; The Black Oil Brothers; The Heart(breakers); The Off Days; Turn N Fire; Vivian Garcia; Wesley McKinney; Whalen and the Willows; Wild Skies and Zion Rodman

Participating Venues:
Adventure Stage Chicago (1012 N. Noble St.); David's Tea (1645A N. Damen); Dynamic Salon Spa Studios (1501 W. Chicago Ave.); Evolution Music (1834 W. North Ave.); fab'rik Wicker Park (1543 N. Milwaukee Ave.); Fresh Market Place (2134 N. Western Ave.); Futurgarb (1369 N. Milwaukee Ave.); Id Chicago (2130 N. Damen Ave.); Jackson Junge Gallery (1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.); Little Broken Things (2137 N. Western Ave.); Mildblend Supply Co. (1342 N Milwaukee Ave.); MYEYEDR (1300 N. Ashland Ave. Ste. 123B); Nike Running Bucktown (1640 N. Damen Ave.); Stitch (1937 N. Damen Ave.); Transit Tees (1371 N. Milwaukee Ave.); Village Eyecare (2121 W. Division St.); Volumes Bookcafe (1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.); Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. (1276 N. Milwaukee Ave.).

The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce serves as a cornerstone of the Wicker Park and Bucktown commercial districts, advancing the financial goals of neighborhood businesses through the creation of a dynamic economic climate, increasing the neighborhood's visibility and viability, and encouraging profitable relationships within the community. The Chamber administers Special Service Area (SSA) #33, guided by a Commission of SSA taxpayers who serve on active committees. For more information, please visit