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Non-Equity & Community Theater Reviews

"Chalk", a Post-Apocalyptic Horror Story, didn't freak Me Out!


** Somewhat Recommended ** Sideshow Theatre’s production of “Chalk”, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror story, doesn’t quite measure up to its premise. The story starts out well, the horror builds, and builds, but just when the viewer is primed to shriek at the really scary parts, it ends with a whimper. Although the acting was superb, “Chalk” just didn’t freak me out, and it should have. I give it 2 ½ Spotlights.

"Next Thing You Know" has a Jazzy Score


*** Recommended *** Towle Theater’s new production, “Next Thing You Know”, is an interesting little musical which fits perfectly into the Towle’s lexicon of edgy plays no one else is producing. Although the story about four twenty-somethings suffering from ‘almost 30’ angst is kind of weak, the jazzy score will more than make up for that. I give “Next Thing You Know” 3 ½ Spotlights.

"The American Revolution" in 50 Minutes: It will tickle Your Funny Bone

American Revolution_Press_1_Credit Ben Gonzales_LR.jpg

**** Recommended **** The Chicago Humanities Festival’s presentation of “The American Revolution” by Theatre Unspeakable is one of the most interesting, creative, and innovative shows I’ve seen in a long time. This tongue-in-cheek history lesson will definitely tickle your funny bone. I loved this little show, and I think you will too. I give it 3 ½ Spotlights.

"Ghost Gardens" is a Strange Little Play


** Somewhat Recommended ** The Pegasus Theatre production of “Ghost Gardens” is a strange little play. I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not, but I’m leaning to not. At the end of Act 1, I didn’t know where it was going, but I did think it was interesting. In the end, the inexplicable behavior of the characters just didn’t make sense. I give “Ghost Gardens” 2 Spotlights.

"Lady Windermere's Fan" is a Witty, Well-Mannered Play!


I love period plays, especially those in which the characters offer up one witty bon mot after another, all with perfect manners. No one writes better ‘manners’ plays than Oscar Wilde. His Victorian masterpiece, “Lady Windermere’s Fan”, has a veritable cornucopia of memorable bon mots. “Lady Windermere’s Fan” as produced by the Dead Writers Theater Collective was a delightful experience and I give it 4 Spotlights.

"Months on End" at the Genesius Guild by Nancy Konopasek


The Genesius Guild’s production of the play, "Months on End", is a year to remember! The play is a series of vignettes that weave themselves into a story of family and friends dealing with contemporary issues. Director, Ed Griffith Sanders, did a great job of orchestrating a play with a very unique structure--twelve different scenes for each month of the year.

New Theater, Windy City Playhouse's "End Days" Reviewed by Alan Bresloff


Recommended *** A new theater opened tonight! Yes, a brand new venue on the north side of town, called Windy City Playhouse. It is not a typical storefront theater, but is a “black box” theater, meaning that it has open walls and a high ceiling, allowing the actual stage area to be changed from production to production. It has 149 seats and they are very comfortable with loads of leg room (at least for their “premiere” production). These are the “top Shelf” seats. The “house” seats are plush traditional movie theater seats complete with cup-holders and a drink ledge in front of each row. There is a cocktail lounge in the lobby with a greet and meet area and of course, the drinks can be taken into the theater. There are some bar-bites available as well.

Your Kids will love "The One and Only Ivan" at Lifeline


***** Highly Recommended for Children Age 5 and up ***** Lifeline Theatre’s new children’s play, “The One and Only Ivan”, an adaptation of the 2012 Newberry winning novel by Katherine Applegate, is a touching story that really resonated for me, and as an added and most important bonus, my granddaughter, Molly, who is 5 ½, liked it a lot. I give “The One and Only Ivan” 4 Spotlights.