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Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan



Additional ​​​tour​​​ stops ​​​include ​​​Boston’s​​​ Cutler​​​ Majestic​​​Theatre ​​​(Jan. 17-21) ​​​and​​​ Toronto’s ​​​Wintergarden ​​​Theatre​​​ (Jan. ​​​24-27).

“Brodsky/​​​Baryshnikov”​​​​​​​ is​​​​​ a ​​​​​one-man​​​​​ show ​​​​​based​​​​​ on ​​​​​the ​​​​​poems ​​​​​of ​​​​​Nobel ​​​​​Laureate​​​​​ Joseph​ ​Brodsky,​​​ performed​​​​​ by ​​​​​legendary ​​​​​dancer/actor​​​​​​ Mikhail​​​​​ Baryshnikov.​​​​​ It​​​​​​​ is​​​​​ an ​​​​​emotional ​​​​​journey​ ​deep ​​​​​into ​​​​​the ​​​​​poet’s ​​​​​visceral ​​​​​and ​​​​​complex ​​​compositions.​​​​​ Performed​​​​​ in ​​​​​Russian​​​​​ and​​​​​​ subtitled​​​​​​ in​ ​English,​​​​​ Baryshnikov ​​​​​recites​​​​​ a​​​​​ selection​​​​​ of ​​​​​his ​​​long-time​​​​​ friend’s ​​​​​poignant​​​​​ and​​​​​ eloquent​​​​​ works ​​​and his ​​​subtle ​​​​​physicality​​​​​ transports​​​​​ the ​​​​​audience​​​​​ into​​​ Hermanis’ ​​​​​reverent​​​​​ imagining​​​​​ of​​​​​ Brodsky’s​ ​interior​​​​​ world. ​​​The​​​ U.K.’s​​​ The ​​​Stage​​​ hails ​​​the ​​​work​​​ as ​​​“a​​​ deeply​​​ felt ​​​tribute…poignant,”​​​ and What’s on ​​​Stage​​​ calls ​​​it,​​​ “a ​​​gift​​​ from​​​ one ​​​great​​​ artist​​​ to ​​​another,​​​ a​​​ debt​​​ of​​​ love…you​​​ can​​​ hear​​​ a ​​​pin​​​ drop ​​​as the ​​​90-minutes ​​​unfolds.”

“Brodsky​​/​​​Baryshnikov”​​​ premiered​​​ at ​​​the ​​​New ​​​Riga​​​ Theatre,​​​ Riga,​​​ Latvia ​​​on​​​ Oct. ​​​15,​​​ 2015​​​ and​​​ had its ​​​North​​​American​​​ premiere ​​​at ​​​the ​​​Baryshnikov ​​​Arts ​​​Center’s​​​ Jerome ​​​Robbins ​​​Theater,​​​ March ​​​9, 2016.​​​ The ​​​New ​​​York​​​Times ​​​said​​​ of​​​ Baryshnikov’s ​​​performance, ​​​“He​​​ is ​​​arguably​​​ most​​​ entrancing, and​​​ most​​​ deeply​​​ immersed ​​​in​​​ the​​​language… It’s​​​ as ​​​if​​​ the ​​​language ​​​is ​​​a ​​​current​​​ of​​​ energy ​​​activating not​​​ just​​​ his​​​ mind ​​​but​​​ his ​​​entire ​​​body; ​​​you ​​​sense ​​​that​​​ he ​​​feels ​​​its ​​​presence​​​ inside ​​​him​​​ down ​​​to​​​ his fingertips.”


Joseph​​​ Brodsky​​​ was​​​ born ​​​in​​​ Leningrad​​​ (now​​​ St. ​​​Petersburg) ​​​in​​​ 1940​​​ and​​​ immigrated​​​ to ​​​the ​​​United States ​​​in​​​1972. ​​​He ​​​began ​​​writing ​​​poetry​​​ in ​​​the ​​​1950s​​​ but​​​ his​​​ works ​​​were​​​ not​​​ published​​​ in ​​​his​​​ native country ​​​until ​​​the​​​ 1990s. Five ​​​books​​​ of ​​​his​​​ poetry​​​ in ​​​Russian ​​​were ​​​published ​​​abroad:​​​ “Ostanovka​​​v pustyne”​​​ (1970);​​​ revised​​​1989),” ​​​“Konets​​​prekrasnoi​​​epokhi”​​​ (1977), ​​​“Chast'​​​rechi”​​​ (1977), ​​​“Novye stansy​​​k ​​​Avguste”​​​(1983),​​​ “Uraniia”​​​(1984) ​​​and​​​ “Peizazh​​​s​​​navodneniem”​​​ (1996).​​​ As​​​ an​​​ émigré​​​ he published​​​ three​​​ books​​​ of ​​​poetry ​​​in​​​ English: ​​​“So ​​​Forth”​​​(1996), ​​​“To​​​Urania”​​​(1988)​​​ and​​​ “A​​​ Part ​​​of Speech”​​​(1977). ​​​“On ​​​Grief​​​ and​​​ Reason,”​​​ his​​​ second ​​​collection ​​​of​​​ essays,​​​ was ​​​published​​​ in​​​ 1996. His ​​​first​​​ collection ​​​of​​​ essays, ​​​“Less​​​ Than ​​​One”​​​(1986),​​​ received ​​​the ​​​National​​​ Book​​​ Critics​​​ Circle Award ​​​in ​​​1986​​​ and ​​​three ​​​of​​​ his ​​​essays ​​​have ​​​appeared ​​​in​​​ “The​​​ Best​​​ American ​​​Essays.”​​​ A ​​​long essay​​​ on ​​​Venice​​​ was​​​ published ​​​in ​​​English​​​ as​​​ “Watermark” ​​​in ​​​1992.​​​ He ​​​is​​​ also​​​ the ​​​author​​​ of ​​​two plays; ​​​“Marbles”​​​(1989)​​​ and​​​ “Democracy!”​​​ (1990, 1993).​​​ He​​​ was​​​ awarded ​​​the ​​​Nobel ​​​Prize ​​​for Literature ​​​in​​​ 1987 and ​​​served ​​​as​​​ Poet​​​ Laureate​​​ of ​​​the ​​​United ​​​States ​​​for​​​ 1991 ​​​and​​​ 1992.​​​ He​​​ died ​​​in January, ​​​1996.


Born​​​​​ 1948​​​​​ in ​​​​​Riga,​​​​​ Latvia,​​​​​ Mikhail​​​​​ Baryshnikov​​​​​ is​​​​​ considered ​​​​​​​one​​​​​​​​ of​​​​​​​​ the​​​​​​​​ greatest​​​​​​​​ dancers​​​​​​​​ of​​​​​ our​​​​​​​​ time.​​​​ After​​​​​ commencing​​​​​ a ​​​​​spectacular ​​​​​career​​​​​ with​​​​​ the​​​​​ Kirov​​​​​ Ballet​​​​ in​​​​​​ Leningrad,​​​​ he ​​​​​​came ​​​​​to​​​​​ the​ ​West​​​​​ in​​​​​ 1974,​​​ settling​​​​​ in​​​​​ New​​​​​ York ​​​​​City ​​​​as ​​​​principal​​​​​​​​ dancer​​​​​ with​​​​​ American ​​​​​Ballet​​​​​ Theatre (ABT).​​​​​ In​ 1979 ​​​​​​he ​​​​​joined ​​​​​New​​​ York ​​​​​​​City ​​​​​​​​Ballet, ​​​​where ​​​​​​​​he​​​​​​​​ worked​​​​​​​​ with​​​​​​ George ​​​​​​​Balanchine​​​​​​​​​ and ​​​​​Jerome ​Robbins.​​​​​​ A ​​​​​year ​​​​​later ​​​​​he ​​​​​was​​​ appointed​​​​​​​ artistic ​​​​​director​​​​​ of​​​​​​​​ ABT​​​​ where, ​​​​for​​​​​ the ​​​​​next​​​​​​ decade,​​​​​ he​ ​introduced​​​​ a​​​​​​ new​​​​​ generation ​​​​​​​of​​​​​​​​ dancers ​​​​and ​​​​​​​choreographers. ​​​​​From​​​​​​​​ 1990-2002​​​​,​​​​​​​ Mr.​​​​​ Baryshnikov​​​​​ was​​​​​​​​ director​​​​​​​​ and​​​​​​ dancer​​​​​ of​​​​​ the ​​​​​White​​​​​​​ Oak ​​​​​​​​Dance ​​​​Project,​​​​​ a ​​​​​modern​​​​​ dance​ ​company ​​​​​he ​​​​​co-founded​​​​​ with​​​​​ choreographer​​​​​ Mark ​​​​​Morris.​​​​​ As ​​​​​an​​​​ actor ​​​​​​he ​​​​​has ​​​performed​​​​​ widely​ ​on- and​​​​​ off-Broadway,​​​​​ as ​​​​​well ​​​​​as ​​​​​in ​​​​​television​​​​​ and ​​​​​film,​​​​​ receiving​​​​​ a ​​​​​Tony​​​​​ Award​​​ nomination​​​​​ and​​​​​ a​ ​Drama ​​​​​Desk ​​​​​Award​​​​​ for​​​​ “​Metamorphosis”​​​ and​​​​ an ​​​​​Academy​​​​​​​​ Award ​​​​​​​​nomination ​​​​​for ​​​​​“The​​​​ Turning​​​​ Point.”​​​​​​​​ He ​​​​​​​​is​​​​​ currently​​​​​​​​ performing​​​​​​​​ in​​​​​ two ​​​​​solo ​​​​​​theatrical​​​​​​​ productions,​​​​​ “Letter ​​​​​to ​​​​​a ​​​​​Man,​​”​​​​ directed​ ​by​​​ Robert​​​​​​​ Wilson,​​​​​​​​ and ​​​​​“Brodsky/Baryshnikov​”​​​​ directed​​​​​ by​​​​ Alvis ​​​​​​​​Hermanis. ​​​​​In​​​​​​​​ 2005​, ​​​​​he​​​​ launched​​​​​ Baryshnikov ​​​​Arts​​​​ Center ​​​​​(​​​​BAC)​​​​​ in​​​​​ New ​​​​​York​​​​​ City,​​​​​ a ​​​​creative​​​​​ space​​​​​​ for ​​​​​presenting​​​​ and ​​​​​nurturing​ ​multidisciplinary​​​​ artists ​​​​from ​​​​​around​​​​​ the​​​​​ globe.​​​​ In​​​​​​​​ 2010​, ​​​​​he​​​​​​​ was​​​​​​​​ given ​​​​​the ​​​​​​rank​​​​​​​ of​​​​​​ Officer​​​​​​​ of​​​​​​​​​ the​​​​ French​​​​​​​​ Legion​​​​​ of​​​​​​​​ Honor,​​​​ and ​​​​​​​in ​​​​2017​​​​​ he ​​​​​received Japan's ​​​​​prestigious​​​​​ Praemium ​​​​​Imperiale​ ​International​​​​ Arts ​​​​​​​​Award​​​​​​​​ in ​​​​​Theatre/Film.


Born​​​​​ 1965​​​​​ in ​​​​​Riga,​​​​​ Latvia,​​​​​ Alvis​​​​​ Hermanis ​​​​​was​​​​​ recently​​​​​ named ​​​​​among ​​​​​​​the ​​​​​​​​10 ​​​​​​​​most​​​​​​​​ influential​​​​​ European ​​​​theater ​​​​​personalities​​​​​ of ​​​​​the​​​​​ last​​​​​ decade​​​​​ by ​​​​​DU​​​​​ Magazine ​​​​​Swiss​​​​​ periodical​​​​​ for ​​​​​arts ​​​​​and​ ​culture.​​​​​ Mr.​​​ Hermanis​​​​ currently​​​​​ works​​​​​ with ​​​​​major​​​​​ European​​​​​ theater​​​​ companies, ​​​​including​ ​​Burgtheater​​​​ Vienna,​​​​ Schaubühne​​​​​​​ Berlin, ​​​​Münchner​​​​​​​​ Kammerspiele​​​ and ​​​​​Schauspielhaus ​​​​​Zürich;​​​​ ​and​​​ in ​​​​​​opera ​​​​houses ​​​​​including​​​​ Teatro​​​​ alla ​​​​​Scala​​​​​​​​ in​​​​​​​​Milan, ​​​​​Opéra ​​​​​​​​National​​​​​ de ​​​​Paris,​​​​ Staatsoper​​​​​​ im​ Schiller​​​​​​ Theater​​​​​ in Berlin,​​​​ Wiener​​​​ Staatsoper​​​​ and​​​​​ La​​​​​ Monnaie, ​​​​​Brussels.​​​​​ He​​​​​ has​​​​​ staged​​​​​ operas ​​​​​at​ ​the ​​​​​Salzburger​​​​ Festspiele ​​​​​since ​​​​​2012. ​​​His ​​​​​opera ​​​​​stagings ​​​​​include, ​​​​among ​​​​​others,​​​​​ “Il​​​​​ Trovatore​”​​​​ featuring Placido​​​​​​ Domingo​​​​ and​​​​​​ Anna ​​​​Netrebko​​​​ (2014)​​​​​ and ​​​​“Die ​​​​​Liebe​​​​​der ​​​​​Danae​”​​​​(2016)​​​​​ at​​​​​​ the​ Salzburger ​​​​​​Festspiele,​​​​ “La​​​​​ Damnation​​​​​ de​​​​​ Faust​​”​​​​ featuring Jonas​​​​​​​ Kaufman ​​​​​​​​with​​​​​​ Opéra ​​​​​National​​​​​ de​ ​Paris​​​​​ in ​​​​​2015,​​​ “​I​​​​​ due ​​​​​Foscari​​” ​​​featuring​​​​​​ Placido ​​​​Domingo ​​​​​​and ​​​“Madama​​​​​ Butterfly” ​​​​with​​​​​ Teatro​​​​​ alla​ ​Scala ​​​​​in​​​​ 2016 ​​​and​​​​​ “Parsifal​​”​​​​ at​​​​​ the​​​​​ Wiener​​​​​ Staatsoper​​​​​ in​​​​​ 2017. Hermanis’ ​​​​​theater​​​​ productions​​​​​ have​ ​been​​​​​ presented ​​​​​at ​​​​​major ​​​​​theater ​​​​​festivals ​​​​​ranging​​​​​ from​​​​​ Avignon​​​​​ to ​​​Edinburgh,​​​​​and​​​​​ have ​​​​​toured ​​​​​to​ more​​​​​ than​​​​​ 40​​​​​ countries.​​​​​ His​​​​​ many ​​​​​accolades ​​​​​include​​​​​ the​​​​​ Europe​​​​​ Prize ​​​New​​​​​​​ Theatre​​​​​​​​ Realities, ​​​​​​​​the​​​​​ Stanislavsky ​​​​​​​​Award,​​​​​​ two​​​​ Golden​​​​​​ Mask​​​​​ Awards ​​​​​(Moscow), ​​​​​Max​​​​ Reinhardt​​​​​​ Pen​​​ (Salzburger ​​Festspiele), ​​​​​Nestroy​​​​​ Preis​​​​​ (Austria),​​​​​ and ​​​​​the ​​​​​Konrad ​​​​​Wolf​​​​​ Award ​​​​​(Germany). ​​​​​He ​​​​​has ​​​​​been​​​ artistic​​​​ director​​​​​ of​​​​​ The​​​​ New ​Riga​​​​ Theatre ​​​​since ​​​1997.


The​​​​​​​ New ​​​​​​​​Riga​​​​​​Theatre ​​​​​is​​​​​ a​​​​​ state ​​​​​repertory ​​​​​theater ​​​​​founded​​​​​ in​​​​​1992, ​​​​​led ​​​​​​​by​​​​​​​​ artistic​​​​​​​​​ director​​​​​​​ Alvis​​ ​Hermanis ​​​since​​​​​1997.​​​​​The​​​​​ Company ​​​​​i​​​​​s comprised​​​​​ of​​​​​ 16 ​​​​​actors. ​​​​​The​​​​​ New​​​​​ Riga​​​​​ Theatre​​​​​​​ has​​ performed​​​​​​​​ at​​​​​​​​ major​​​​ festivals​​​​​ around​​​​​the​​​​​ world, ​​​​​including​​​​ Festival​​​​​​​​ d'Avignon,​​​​​​​​ The ​​​​​​​​Edinburgh​​​​​ International​​​​​​​​ Festival, ​​​​​​​​Wiener​​​​ Festwochen,​​​​Salzburger​​​​​​​​Festspiele,​​​​​​​​​ Holland​​​​​ Festival,​​​​ BITEF,​​​​​ Kunstenfestivaldesarts, ​​​​​​​​​and ​​​​​to ​​​​date ​​​has ​​​toured​​​​​​​ to​​​​​​​​ more ​​​​​​​​than​​​​​​​​ 200​​​​​​​​ towns​​​​​​​​​ and​​​​​​​​ cities​​​​​​​ in​​​​​​​​​ 40​​​​ countries, ​​​​​​​​​both ​​​​​​​in ​​​​​​​​Europe​​​​​​​​​ and​​​​​​​ overseas.​​​​​​​​​ For ​​​​​more ​​​information,​​​​​​​visit​​​​​​​​​​.​​


Baryshnikov​​​​​ Productions ​​​​​is ​​​​​designed to​​​​​ bring​​​​​ the​​​​​ distinctive ​​​​​voices ​​​​​of​​​​​​ directors,​​​ choreographers,​​​​ and​​​​​​​​ artists ​​​​​​​​​to​​​​​ the ​​​​​world's ​​​​​most​​​​​ well ​​​​​respected​​​​​ stages.​​​​​ Under ​​​​​this ​​​​​umbrella,​​​​​ the​​​​​ company ​​​has​​​​ produced​​​​​​​​ and​​​​​​​​ toured ​​​​​​​​​the​​​​​ White​​​​​Oak​​​​​ Dance​​​​​ Project ​​​​​(1990-2002), "​​​​​Forbidden​​​​​ Christmas​​​​ or ​​​​​​The​ ​Doctor​​​ and ​​​​​​​the​​​​​​​​ Patient​​​​​" (2004-2006)​, ​​​​​​​Beckett​​​​​ Shorts​​​​​​​​ (2007)​,​​​​​ "In​​​​​ Paris" ​​​​​(2010-2012),​​​​​ "Man​​​​​in​​​​​a​​​​​ Case"​ ​(2013-2014)​​​​​ and​​​​​ "The ​​​Old ​​​​​​​Woman"​​​​​​​​ (2013-2014).​​​​​​​​ Current ​​​​​​touring ​​​​​productions ​​​​​are ​​“Brodsky / Baryshnikov” ​​​​​and ​​​​“​Letter ​​​​​to​​​​​ a ​​​​​Man.”


Cherry ​​​Orchard ​​​Festival,​ produced​​​ by ​​​the​​​ Cherry ​​​Orchard​​​ Festival ​​​Foundation, ​has​​​ built​​​ a​​​ solid reputation​​​ for​​​presenting​​​ moving ​​​and​​​ intriguing​​​ concerts ​​​and​​​ theatrical​​​ productions​​​ by​​​ international artists ​​​and​​​ ensembles ​​​to​​​ audience s​​​across​​​ America.​​​ The​​​ Festival’s​​​ mission ​​​is​​​ to​​​ initiate​​​ and promote​​​ global​​​ cultural​​​ activity​​​ and​​​ an​​​exchange ​​​of​​​ ideas ​​​to​​​ an​​​ inter-generational​​​ audience ​​​through entertaining​​​ and​​​ educational​​​ programming​​​ and​​​events ​​​in ​​​all​​​ genres.​​​ The ​​​team ​​​is ​​​committed ​​​to provide ​​​the ​​​finest ​​​entertainment,​​​exceptional​​​ musical​​​performances​​​ and ​​​enlightening ​​​educational programs​​​ to​​​ its​​​ patrons. For​​​ more ​​​information ​​​visit ​​​


Cherry​​​​​ Orchard​​​​​ Festival​​​​​ presents ​​​​​the​​​​​ Chicago ​​​​​premiere​​​​​ of ​​​​​​​​“Brodsky/Baryshnikov”​​​ conceived ​​​and directed ​​​by​​​Alvis ​​​Hermanis,​​​ starring​​​ Mikhail​​​​ Baryshnikov​​​​ at ​​​​​the ​​​​​Harris​​​ Theater ​​​for​​​ Music​​​ and Dance,​​​ 205 ​​​E.​​​ Randolph ​​​Dr.​​​​ Feb. ​​​2-4. ​​​​Press​​​ opening ​​​is​​​ Friday, ​​​Feb.​​​ 2,​​​ 8​​​ p.m.​​​ Additional performances ​​​are​​​ Saturday,​​​ Feb.​​​ 3,​​​ 8​​​ p.m. ​​​and​​​ Sunday, ​​​Feb. ​​​4,​​​ 2​​​ p.m.​​​​​​​​ Tickets​​​​​​ are ​​​$45-$150.​​​ For ​​​tickets​​​ or ​​​more ​​​information, ​​​visit ​​​ ​or​​​ call (312) 334-7777.

Discounts ​​​of​​​ 10% ​​​are​​​ available​​​ for ​​​groups​​​ of​​​ 20​​​ or​​​ more​​​ and​​​ 15% ​​​for ​​​​​​groups​​​ of​​​ 50​​​ or ​​​more. ​​​For more​​​information ​​​call (​​​​800) 349-0021.

"Brodsky​​​/​Baryshnikov" ​​​​​​​​is​​​ performed​​​ in ​​​Russian​​​ with​​​ English​​​ surtitles/translation ​​​by​​​ Jamey Gambrell.​​​“Brodsky​​​/​​​Baryshnikov”​​​ is​​​ based​​​ on ​​​the ​​​poems ​​​of​​​ Joseph​​​ Brodsky,​​​ Copyright ​​​©​​​ 2015, The ​​​Estate​​​ of​​​ Joseph ​​​Brodsky.​​​ All ​​​rights​​​ reserved.