Friday February 22 9:53 pm

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“She the People: Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves” scores a 10 on My Hilarity Scale!


The Second City formula – a revue filled with snarky commentary on the news of the day, silly sketches, music, audience participation improv, even a little slapstick comedy – has been very successful over the years. Although “She the People” is mostly current, it was obviously written before the #MeToo movement zoomed into our collective consciousness or there would have been a few more male-bashing jokes.

The women of “She the People”, Carisa Barreca, Alex Bellisle, Katie Caussin, Maria Randazzo, Alexis J Roston and Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, all have strong comedy chops, and they all work well together. Carly Heffernan directs.

Some of my favorite bits –
• A scene from every wedding – when the bride throws the bouquet – except in this case, the bride tosses while the bridesmaids scramble to catch the bouquet – all in slow motion!
• A woman who wants a man to look at her face, not her body, dons a dinosaur suit to make her point.
• Are you worried about becoming your mother? Here’s an entire hilarious skit about your worst nightmare!
• After the ladies repeat some of the names men call women – babe, hon, girlie, and so on – the worst, of course, being BITCH, they asked everyone in the audience who’s ever been called bitch to raise a hand – and more than half the audience complied, cheering – then asking them to high-five the closest bitch.
• The game show “You Oughta Know” in which ‘celebrities’ and one lady from the audience are asked questions straight from the news. The audience member was good-natured enough to laugh when she was shamed for knowing about the Kardashians.
• The annoyingly quirky girl pulled a guy out of the audience, held an umbrella over the two of them, gave his girlfriend a spray bottle and told her to make gentle misting rain.
• A panel of Congressmen discussing women’s health issues – voting against everything.
• Fiona, a famous person, taking questions, Gobsmacked by an audience question – how hard was it to film Women of Antarctica

“She the People: Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves" runs through April 1st at The Second City’s UP Comedy Club, 230 W North Ave, 3rd Floor of Piper’s Alley, Chicago. Parking is available in the garage adjacent to The Second City complex. Running time is one hour, 50 minutes, with an intermission. Performances are Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 pm; Sunday at 7:00 pm. Tickets start at $26. FYI (312) 337-3992 or