Saturday March 24 9:21 pm

Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan

Community Theater

Towle Theater's "Pageant Play" is Hilarious


**** Recommended **** What is worse - a stage mom, a dance mom or a pageant mom? When I conducted an informal poll on Facebook, two out of two votes were for pageant mom! Hmmm! I’ll bet those voters have seen “Pageant Play”, the Towle Theater’s hilarious take on child beauty pageants. The whole topic of little girls in beauty pageants might be fraught, but don’t worry, there are no actual children involved in “Pageant Play”, just lots of laughs! 3 ½ Spotlights

"Hurly Burly" is about the Excesses of the '80s


Chicago Street Theatre’s intense production of “Hurly Burly” is a definite must-see. I’m not sure if David Rabe’s scathing indictment of Hollywood in the ‘80s is entirely accurate, but it is definitely disturbing. Karl Berner gives a tour de force performance in this amazing piece of theater! 3 ½ Spotlight

“A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” - a Tribute to Perry Como/Andy Williams TV Specials


**** Recommended **** Wow! The first time I reviewed “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” was in 2004! The show, a tribute to the old Perry Como/Andy Williams TV specials, is a nice blend of traditional and contemporary (written before 1960 contemporary) carols. “A Fabulous 50’s Christmas” is a holiday must-see. 4 Spotlights

"Mark of Cain" is a Must-See at Beatniks


*** Recommended *** The Mark of Cain” has all the ingredients for a nail-biting thriller – an old semi-abandoned cottage on a lake, a skanky neighbor, a self-serving psychiatrist and an escaped mental patient! Co-Directors Rip and Bonnie Johnson, also the people behind Beatniks Entertainment, have put together a suspense-filled production full of twists, turns and twins! 3 Spotlights

A Comedy with a Twist - "The Sleeper" at Beatniks


“The Sleeper”, Catherine Butterfield’s quirky little 2004 comedy, is a reflection of the distrust and paranoia which infected Americans after 9-11, but it’s also a suspense comedy with a diabolical twist! This one is a must-see!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by Nancy Konopasek


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is being presented by the Marian Theatre Guild at St. John Church in Whiting, Indiana. The production, directed by David Long, appeals to audiences young and not-so-young. The show engaged audience members ranging in age from 2 to 92.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: M&M Productions, Ross Summer Music Theatre by Nancy Konopasek


The Biblical story of Joseph, his father, Jacob, and 11 brothers comes to life in the fabulous Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at M&M Productions, Ross Summer Music Theatre at Reinhart Auditorium in Merrillville High School.

Chicago Street Theatre's "Wash, Dry, Fold" is a Must-See


**** Recommended **** You don’t want to miss Chicago Street Theatre’s world premiere production of “Wash, Dry, Fold”. What makes family? “Wash, Dry, Fold”, a poignant little play with an unexpected twist, has a lot to say about family and the ties that bind. Don’t miss this, I give it 4 Spotlights.

Larger-than-life Characters in "Orson's Shadow"


Chicago Street Theatre has a reputation for choosing interesting and unusual plays. Their newest production, “Orson’s Challenge”, a play I’d never seen, intrigued me. Since it’s about Orson Welles and Lawrence Olivier, it could have been fascinating. Watching larger-than-life characters trading insults can be so much fun! Instead of fun, the audience got performances that were so understated they were almost boring. I give “Orson’s Challenge” 2 ½ Spotlights.

La'arc en Ciel's "Sylvia" by Nancy Konopasek


The L’arc en Ciel (LCTG) Theatre Group, now in its 50th year, has unleashed the heartwarming comedy, Sylvia.
Sylvia is about how man’s best friend can become a woman’s worst enemy.