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La'arc en Ciel's "Sylvia" by Nancy Konopasek


Sylvia is a smart, sweet, canine, who befriends Greg in New York’s Central Park. Greg, going through a midlife crisis, falls for stray dog, Sylvia. Sylvia changes his life as well as that of his English teacher wife, Kate. Greg springs the dog on Kate, who wants no part of Sylvia. Kate craves freedom now that their kids are in college and she wants to pursue her own interests and teaching. She has no room in her life for Sylvia.

This is a romantic triangle between a husband, a wife, and a dog…It’s the story of love, relationships, loyalty, and instinct. To keep Sylvia or not to keep her is the question…May the best bitch win in this fight to the finish!

The play explores the concepts of love and commitment. Bruce Jung gives a great performance as Greg, the loving gentleman who is torn between his wife, Kate, played by Linda Slankard, and his dog, Sylvia, played by Lydia Deville. Bruce Jung and Linda Slankard have a great stage chemistry that makes them believable as a married couple struggling with relationship issues. Lydia DeVille, in the title role of Sylvia is captivating as a pet that has human qualities, while taking on dog-like mannerisms. She gives an energetic, fantastic performance.

Angie and Paul Lowe have put together a fabulous cast for this production. Jason Moon, who plays Tom, Lisa Walter, who plays Phyllis, and Mercedes Austgen, who plays Leslie, round out the cast of this well-acted play. The set design lent itself well to all of the scenes throughout the play. The show, teamed up with a great dinner featuring Tom McAdams’ famous fried chicken (among other items), is the ultimate dinner-theatre package and a great entertainment value.

This sentimental comedy will leave you laughing and crying. If you own a dog, you will thoroughly enjoy this show. However, even if you don’t own a dog, you will certainly find this play enjoyable. It would be a doggone shame if you miss this must-see performance!

The dinner-theatre performances run through February 13 and 14. Two more performances of Sylvia (with several roles recast) are scheduled for July 22 and July 24 before the show goes on tour to White Pines. To receive LCTG information and show times e-mail