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Holiday Season Safety Tips from the Munster Police Department

11/20/2017 - 15:00
12/31/2017 - 15:59

* When shopping, carry your wallet in your front pocket, or your purse zipped up and slung in front of you. Never place purses in shopping carts and be aware of pickpocket distracting techniques.

* Do not carry large amounts of cash or unnecessary credit cards.

* Shop with a friend if possible so that you can look out for each other.

* Prevent thefts from your vehicle by storing purchased items in your trunk if you have to visit several stores and always keep your vehicle locked. If you feel that someone is following you home from a store, drive to a busy area full of people and call 911.

* Keep your home well-lit during the evening, making use of dusk to dawn lamps, motion-detecting lights, and timed lighting.

* Do not display large amounts of gifts in the picture window of your home for burglars to see. Keep some gifts stored away if possible.

* Keep your bushes trimmed below the window line and keep trees and other foliage trimmed so that there is a clear view of your home from the street.

* If you are going on vacation, please contact the Munster Police Department's Records Department at 219-836-6650 to let them know so that they can provide the information to our patrol officers and Volunteers in Police Service to provide extra patrol. Also let some of your trusted neighbors know and encourage them to park in your driveway, pick up mail, or shovel your walk if necessary.

* Be aware of anyone who calls you or comes to your door asking for donations for needy individuals, the police department, or other causes throughout the holidays. Only donate directly to causes that you trust and believe in. Never give your personal information, social security number, or bank account number out. Also, never let anyone inside your home who you do not know and talk to them through a locked storm door or a screen window. Call 911 if they are acting suspiciously.

* Be aware of individuals asking to shovel your snow or to do other odd jobs for you. Only allow friends or other known, trusted subjects to do work at your home. Call the police on people who are attempting to work without a soliciting permit.

* Please call 911 if you see anyone suspicious who is hanging around the neighborhoods, sitting in parked vehicles for long periods of time, or hanging around business districts in parking lots or outside of stores for no apparent reason. If it doesn't seem right to you, please call 911 immediately.

The Munster Police Department wishes everyone a safe holiday season.