Thursday March 22 4:01 am

Spotlighting events along the south shore of Lake Michigan



Big news up first! Our flagship show moves to the Prime Time seat.

Kiss Kiss Cabaret [Fridays @7:30pm & Saturdays @7pm $22.50-$46.50] The award-winning , bootie-shaking, celebration-making burlesque show is moving from Late-Night to Prime-Time! This explosive mix of darling damsels, vivacious variety performers, and drag queen divas is slides down the clock to 7:30pm [Fridays] and 7:00pm [Saturdays]. Hosted by some of the city’s best improv comedians and home to The Kiss Kiss Coquettes and Underground Vaudettes, Kiss Kiss Cabaret was recently voted Best Burlesque Troupe By The Chicago Reader. Come correct and start your weekend off with a Kiss Kiss...Bang!

And the changes don’t stop there! This new 2018 line-up promises to be so EVERYTHING that we literally CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW!

Free Your Mind [Second & Fourth Thursdays @7:30pm $24-$27] Hypnotist Brian David puts the audience in the middle of the action as he lulls volunteers into a hypnotic state and has them act out hilarious audience suggestions. Marvel as the power of suggestion can turn even the most subdued person into a besotted wild jungle animal, a professor of foreign languages, or the lead singer from their favorite new band. Free Your Mind and be prepared to laugh!

Wild Side Pole Show [Second Fridays @10:30pm $25-$30] Hypnotizing in a completely different way, this fully immersive show plays ON and AT all angles. The Wild Side features high-flying and floor-grinding pole dance performances from competitive champions and world-renowned artists from the world of pole dancing. Dancers entertain and enthrall with thrilling, titillating, and gravity-defying performances that are jaw-dropping and leaves the audience on the edge of its seat! This certainly is a “Bad Ass Pole Show”.

2nd Story: After Dark [Saturdays @9:30pm] Famed story telling masters from 2nd Story: After Dark join us below Broadway this year. Crafting story-sharing experiences in the form of performances, a typical show consists of several stories dispersed throughout the evening like courses of a meal. The stories range from the earnest and serious to the light-hearted and humorous, and can simultaneously provoke and entertain. Promoting “Inclusion, Craft and Courage” they fit perfectly with Uptown Underground’s mission and artistic foundation.

KiKi Queens [Third Saturdays @9:30pm $20-$25] What’s the T? It’s drag queens that go beyond lip-sync to bust their pipes into a hot mic! This bevy of beauties will sing, dance, and show this city who really has the big shoulders as they show you the new face of drag!

Never fear! Your favorite shows are still here. These amazing performers are pumped to keep the party going at our local-spirit, craft-brew-stocked, antique bar, which New City Chicago recently voted “Best Speak Easy-Themed Cabaret” in Chicago.

Strip Joker [Second Saturdays @9:30pm $20] Chicago's only body-positive stand-up comedy showcase. Presenting a roster of Chicago's finest stand-up comedians, Strip Joker provides a space for diverse voices, sexualities, genders, comedic styles, and bodies - often, shedding some clothing. The resulting blend is vulnerable and beautiful. Strip Joker is entirely LGBTQ+ produced. A truly unique show that has earned them accolades in Huffington Post, Chicago Reader, RedEye Chicago, Rebellious Magazine for Women, Chicagoist and was included the 2017-2018 Feminist Theatre Watch List by Spiel Chicago. Strip Joker is partnered with the “You Are Beautiful” sticker project to promote this message of body positivity to extend to all performers and patrons of the show.

Vertical Side Show [Saturdays @9:30pm $25-$30] Returning for month-long runs in 2018, The Vertical Side Show is what happens when you mix The Joffrey Ballet with The Lyric Opera, add a splash of Barnum & Bailey and a full helping of Dr. Seuss, cast drag queens and burlesque dancers in all of the roles, and cram the whole thing into a beautiful and intimate space. The result is pure wonderment. This immersive theatrical mash-up inspired by story-based spectacle - a la Cirque Du Soleil - takes you through the looking glass and plants you firmly in an absurd, melodramatic world where the host presents in rhyming narrative. This gang of unpredictable bandits makes trousers drop and hearts stop with this living, breathing, ode to side-show!

Boy Toy’s Pocket Cabaret [First Fridays @10:30pm $25-$30] Envelop yourself in a sensual, cheeky, and all-out entertaining experience with Boy Toy's Pocket Cabaret. BTPC is sure to captivate audiences of all genders, orientations, and walks of life with their focus on empowerment and innovation. One of Chicago's only male burlesque shows, BTPC is an intimate yet high-energy, male-centric burlesque and variety show filled with music, dance, acrobatics, circus arts, drag performance, and cabaret singing.

Movies: Live! [Fourth Mondays @8pm $15] Experience some of your favorite movies adapted for the stage as Uptown Underground presents its Movies: Live! parody series. These cinematic favorites are re-imagined for the stage and acted out in creative ways as live parody spectacles. Musical numbers, choreography, new characters and twists can often be expected. An ensemble of actors plays multiple roles and improvisation is alive and well as the actors bring these characters and stories to life, interact with the audience, and create a fun night of entertainment and laughter. Enjoy popcorn and movie-themed cocktails while you watch your favorite flicks come to life.

Acrobatica Infiniti: After Dark [Third Fridays @10:30pm $25-$39] Acrobatica Infiniti Circus presents “After Dark”, an intimate variety show blend of cosplay and jaw-dropping circus acrobatics. Showcasing new works and fan favorites from silly to sensual each show includes some of the circus community’s best stunts. Enjoy an array of fire eating, trapeze, straps, juggling, hula hooping, aerial ring, comedy, acrobatics and more! Hailed by Newcity as “funny, thrilling and surprisingly touching,” your Friday night just got a lot more interesting!

L.I.V.E. Radio Show [Second Sundays @6:30pm $20] If a podcast is an updated version of an old-time radio program, then L.I.V.E. Radio Show is where the past meets the present.Come down and be a part of the live taping of a larger than life podcast. A current finalist in the acclaimed AudioVerse Awards, L.I.V.E. Radio Show gives you a glimpse of the action as a foley artist creates a soundscape using things like a box of broken glass, tap shoes and even a tiny door! Provide the “oohs” and “ahhs” to the colorful, unique scripts, complete with crazed commercials and all-original songs!

Whew! That’s a lot. But wait, there’s still more…

We don’t mean to brag, but our cozy, little speak-easy also happens to be a dope spot to bring a date and this Valentine’s day we’ve got you covered! Uptown Underground plays host to I’m a Good Little Devil [February 14th @7:30 $25 - $30], straight from the land of love and the home of dancing girls - Paris! Ooh la la, I’m a Good Little Devil is the story of Gaby Deslys, the dancer who brought American-jazz to Paris and created the dramatic entrance with her famed staircase dance. Snuggle up together, sip a delicious cocktail, and enjoy this sexy little show that explores the birth of a legend!

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