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Summer Jams 17 Acts in 7 Days July 30 – August 5, 2018


PLACE: The Greenhouse Theatre Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614
Box Office: (773) 404-7336 Website:

Running: July 30 – August 5, 2018

All Show Times:
Monday – Friday shows at 6:30pm & 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday shows at 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, & 10:00pm

Mainstage: $15 - $26 single tickets. Website:

MPAACT was founded in 1991 by a group of like-minded individuals who shared an artistic vision and who wanted to develop, nurture, and sustain Afrikan Centered Theatre, which is grounded in the many cultures and traditions of the African continent and its Diaspora. With a vision focused on creating new work and collaborative art, MPAACT produces and educates with the goal of increasing understanding and appreciation of Afrikan Centered Theatre and its interrelated disciplines, including not only main stage and standing productions but also a playwright's laboratory, original music, a publishing company (Sakhu Publications), an arts education program, and many workshops and master classes.
About the Shows:

Monday July 30 @ 6:30pm $20
Runako Jahi - WORDS and PASSION - An evening with RUNAKO JAHI

An evening of poetry, monologues, and a surprise or two with the Chicago legend.

Monday July 30 @ 9:00pm $15
Tia Jemison – A Black Body in Space & Time

During my time at DePaul I experienced a lot of adversity with casting and other situations. I found that at the end of my three years of training that I was yearning to work on a project that was uplifting and highlighted a black woman in space. I knew that I had to do something for myself especially considering the DePaul tuition bill. I then wrote a letter petitioning to write and perform a one-woman show. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend who was willing to help me realize this dream and I would love to have your support and see you in the audience. This show is an exploration of my life as a black woman and consists of four separate pieces including some singing and sax playing.

Tuesday July 31 @ 6:30pm $15
David Cooper - Check This Sh!t Out: “an adult variety show”

CTSO is a true to form variety show for audiences 18 and up! Come see a bevy of local acts from comedians and musical guests to drag queens and hip hoppers! Drinking encouraged.

Tuesday July 31 @ 9:00pm
Javon Smith -

Wednesday August 1 @ 6:30pm $20 adult & $12 youth
Victoria Brady – Prints of a Diva – Seeing, Hearing, Feeling

A 60-minute dramatic musical experience highlighting the artistic print of a rare Chicago Diva.

Wednesday August 1 @ 9:00pm $15
Devonte Washington – Something 4 The Summer

This is a variety show to showcase the wonderful talent in Chicago. with this show I hope to show that we are all given different talents and it’s great to express them.

Thursday August 2 @ 6:30pm $20 adult & $12 youth
Darius Parker - Closet (S) “A Vivid Exploration of Queer Voices”

Closet(s) is an exploration of the black queer voice of individuals who identify as Queer. The production will take the audience on a journey of love, relationship, depression and coping with the many traumas queer folks face while living in their existence. Closet(s) includes all original writings and choreography from the cast (Myel Lassiter, Darrius Williams-Lee, Tam Lorde, Vee Armstrong and Jacquiese Robinson) under the direction of Darius Parker, hopes to inspire dialogue amongst queer youth about their views of the world and coming to terms with their own identities and shatter Closet(s).

Thursday August 2 @ 9:00pm $26
Steven Mann – A Night of MANN Comedy

Funny, Fresh, and all MANN, Steven visits his unique take on the world, and ever-changing reality of what it means to be a MANN.

Friday August 3 @ 6:30pm $15
Lynsey Ann Moxie – The Moxie Ann Show

Folkloric in nature, Lynsey Ann’s performative moxie uses spoken word, music, and movement to cultivate an observation on the abstract and concrete examination of black woman’s multiplicity within sound and experience. A living work and amalgamated study of self, Lynsey Ann cultivated her solo work “Forget Me Nots” and “The Conscious Compilation” projects, to examine the complex nature of black voice and ideology from a womanist perspective. The music speaks to the fluidity and dimension within black love, vulnerability, struggle, and search for enlightenment. In doing so, Lynsey Ann uses differentiated point of view to tell her story.

Friday August 3 @ 9:00pm $25 adult & $15 youth
Tramaine Montell Ford - The Tramaine Experience: An Urban Dramedy

A fun, innovative, immersive, and interactive theatrical experience! Raw and uncensored, this wacky dramatic comedy transports you right into the middle of The Cabrini Green Housing Projects -- as memories seen by American actor/comedian Tramaine Montell Ford. An intimate tale about family, community, overcoming tragedy, and finding the light within. You’ll laugh until you cry.

Saturday August 4 @ 2:30pm $15
Sydney Chatman - Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit presents Picture Day

Picture Day is one of the most exciting days in a young person’s adolescence. It is the day the whole class joins together to show off their smiles and individuality. You’re invited to Picture Day, a snap shot into the minds of young people from Chicago who are learning how to resist the trappings of a corrupt society through their individuality and art. Picture Day is a live mixtape that blends dance, visual art and all the creative disciplines in between into a night of youth resistance and empowerment. These are their stories...written by young people-for young people.

Saturday August 4 @ 5:00pm $20
Monette McLin – Phoenix Payne

She’s like no other black woman in modern history. Doris Payne, International jewel thief, and con artist. She won’t be stopped, despite age and the passing of time. Should Doris be vilified for her actions, or is she an American heroine who is not receiving her just due?

Saturday August 4 @ 7:30pm $25
Patricia Ortega - FLAMENCO Y FRIDA

A Flamenco tapestry through the visionary eyes of Mexico’s revered artist, Frida Kahlo. The art of Frida Kahlo moves from the palette and the page to the Flamenco Cante stage, in this musical journey exploring themes of life, love, and loss.

Saturday August 4 @ 10:00pm $15
Wale Ofolayan - IIFIIF

The evolution of Afrobeat and hip-hop is being catalyzed by an unparalleled sound and new wave known as IIFIIF [EYE-fif]. If I Fit In I Fail, the brainchild of Nigerian-born, Chicago-bred producer, ELAW, is a movement and artist collective featuring several virtuosos on the R&B, hip-hop and Afrobeat’s scene in Chicago.

Sunday August 5 @ 2:30pm $15
P.A.L.S - Ears, Eyes, Vibes (LIVE!)

A live audience interactive podcast/variety show. The performance includes sketch comedy, small talk on current events, improv games, as well as musical performances provided by local artists.

Sunday August 5 @ 5:00pm $20
Regina Peters – Gina to Nina Simone

Join Regina Peters as she transforms in the legendary artist Nina Simone. With a voice as supple and varied as Simone herself- Peters reminds us of the power of music with a message.

Sunday August 5 @ 7:30pm $20
Antione Pierre Brunson – Heaven: A Sinner Man’s Tale

An autobiographical look at one man's journey toward enlightenment. A unique talent, Antione Pierre explores his many adventures from pledging as a freshman at a Historically Black University, sexuality, codependency, drug experimentation, and the challenges life as an artist. It's a Sinner man's tale.