Wednesday January 23 5:33 pm

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by Nancy Konopasek


I attended on opening night. The first five minutes were spoiled by a vary bad sound glitch…(Perhaps the glitch should have been corrected and the show should have begun again. People not already familiar with the story were basically left in the dark as to the important introduction of the story, as in how the prince became a beast.) Despite the rocky start, the show unfolded into a charming production.

Beauty and the Beast is tells the story of a prince who was transformed into a beast by a sorceress to teach him a lesson, and Belle, who feels she doesn’t fit in. When Belle tries to rescue her father who has been imprisoned by the Beast, they develop a relationship that resolves their situations.

The music was fabulous, with the “Be Our Guest” number stealing the show. The show was expertly cast with all characters rising to the challenge of their parts. Belle, Sheree Wheeler-Gudeman, had great chemistry with the Beast, played by Jeremiah Souza. Gaston, played by Aaron Duncil, gave a great performance along with Lefou, played by Jamel “Yogi” Williams, who was entertaining with his comedic antics.

For an entertaining family outing, I highly recommend Beauty and the Beast, playing now until November 20. At the Marian Memorial Auditorium 1844 Lincoln Ave., Whiting, IN. Call 219/473-7555 for more information.